Our Favorite Bands

"So you found a girl who thinks really deep thoughts" What's so amazing about Tori Amos? She looks great, has a beautify voice, and plays the hell out a piano!

"All I know we've got to change what's happening, something good could happen" How cool it would have been to be hanging in the club scene in Athens in the mid-70's when The B-52's took it by storm! Unfortunately, I wasn't. Were you? Mail me and tell me a story.

"I got an open mind so why don't you all get inside" Are you into the Beastie Boys? Their label Grand Royal is responsible for bring some great new music to light.

"So you're super-connected now, All the freaks gather 'round" Tonya Donnelly's latest band Belly, is experiencing the same success she enjoyed with both The Breeders (see below), and The Throwing Muses (also below), which she was in with her sister-in-law Kristin Hersh.

"But don't you get your hopes up high, the kid's allright" Hailing from Amsterdam, Bettie Serveert was discovered when a friend mailed their tape to Matador Records in America. They were invited to play at the New Music Seminar in New York, and were signed upon their return to Holland.

"Son just sit awhile, and let the whiskey dull the edge" Taking their name from a Kurt Vonnegut novel, Billy Pilgrim started playing small clubs in Georgia and Tennessee. They still play small clubs for now...

"When I first met you I didn't realize, I can't forget you or your surprise" Black Sabbath a band whose music has twisted the minds of many of todays musicians is DEFINITELY one of my favorites (up to Born Again at least). Check out their page on the Ultimate Band List.

"I found out that I got eye cancer" Hop on the band wagon and check out Blues Traveler. They seem to be taking the country by storm. If you're sick of hearing "Runaround", check out their earlier recordings. Some of "Save his Soul" smells of early Sabbath.

"If you're so special why aren't you dead? While still with the Pixies, Kim Deal started The Breeders as a side project and switched from bass to guitar. She then taught her twin sister Kelly guitar in time for the Breeders second full-length album, "Last Splash".

"I know why the caged bird sings" A recent addition to my collection is the jazzy / hip-hop sounds of Buckshot Lefonque, Branford Marsalis' current project. I'm glad he split from The Tonight Show if this is the result.

"Head on collision, bodies everywhere" Being a Philadelphia resident, I have had many opportunities to see The Dead Milkmen, but I'm getting too old to mosh and truthfully, they scare me.

"She lit a burner on the stove and offered me a pipe" It seems that Bob Dylan could write a song about pooing and I would like it. A cool page on Bob to check out is The Highway 61 Interactive Home Page

"Do you hear that sound? Another young lover just hit the ground." Breaking into American radio with a cover of New Orders' "Bizarre Love Triangle", Australia's Frente!, is more then worth their weight in dingo dung.

"He's gone and nothing's gonna bring him back" Jerry Garcia's passing was an event that touched me deeply. Who could better give his elegy than Robert Hunter, the man who wrote many songs for The Grateful Dead.

"Old and in the way, that's what I heard them say" David Grisman, a musician who has had the chance to jam with Jerry Garcia, has his own page. Check out Dawgnet for information on ordering some great bluegrass stuff, old and new.

"You got charm you're abusing it" Of particular interest on Grand Royal, is Luscious Jackson, four women who capture the urban sound with style.

"She had a smile that swerved, she had a smile that curved" Morphine, a unique band from Boston, has a sound smooth as silk and twice as sexy.

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