HBRCP Registered Users

The following unsolicited testimonials are from people have registered their copy of HBRCP by sending in the $15 shareware fee. Thanks to these folks for making my free time and hard work worth something...

Harold Dowda of Irmo, SC, sez:
"Used the calculator for the first time this weekend. Put it on my laptop and had a ball. Worked great!!!"

Paul Kensler of Plano, TX, raves:
"I especially like the selection of calculators -- a very nice touch, which makes the program a usefull tool on brew day, and not just a recipe storage program."

Richard Scholz of Brooklyn, NY, writes:
"Your HBRCP is great. I am enclosing the registration fee $10."

Chris O'Leary of Havelock North, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, barters:
"Checked out your HB calculator - impressive and I've checked em all. I think I'll use it alone now as my standard calculator. I won't pay you US funds unless you want me to. Hows about I send you something more useful?" Side note: Chris sent me some New Zealand Hops as his registration fee!

Michael Gerholdt of Fredonia, New York, reviews:
"Give yourself a couple hours with this program, and I expect you'll be very impressed."

Bob Wilcox of Long Barn, CA, quips:
"I used SUDS and Brewers Calculator. I am now using HBRCP I think it's a real good program and you can't beat the price 10 bucks, and yes my 10 is in the mail. John has done a good job including almost all the calculators you might need."

John Wade of De Soto, Tx, memo'ed:
"HBRCP 1.6 Guilt Free, Thanks" on his check.

Kevin Reddy of Torbay, New Foundland, Canada reports:
"It takes a little bit of getting used to but it is fun."

David Humes of Ellicott City, MD, exclaims:
"I've been using HBRCP for a few weeks now, and now that I have discovered the F9 key, have found it to be quite valuable."

Richard Louise of Gainesville, GA, admits:
"Anyway, I use this program a lot. Thanks for all the work!"

Jim Croniger of the internet, registered.

Herb Hastings of Helena, MT, registered.

David M. Johnson of Monroe, WI, registered.

Timothy L. Martin of Cullowhee, NC, registered.

Bob Johnson of the internet, registered.

Richard E. Scott of Coppell, Tx, registered on 11/20/98

Carl Sturmer of Stephenville, Tx, registered on 12/7/98.

David Gary Shaw of CT, registered on 02/08/99.

Joe Kubenka of Tx, registered on 9/9/99.

Jerry Ross of Fort Worth, Tx, registered on 10/9/99.

Robert Scott of ?, ?, registered on 11/08/99.

Rick of ?, ?, registered on 12/27/99.

Edward Hammerbeck of ?, ?, registered on 01/22/00.

Jim deVries of Canton, MI, registered on 03/09/00.

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