A Floating Head

Velcome to Varady's Virtual Void

        "if you could see me now
         and know the things i know
         you would hear the music
         that drives me where i go
         mine is not illusion
         it's just a painted sky
         and a simple fantasy
         reflected in my eye."

                          John Nicholas Varady
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Check out my new brewing software at www.beerinhand.com. Your PC, PDA, and the web come together in a suite of applications for mobile beer geeks! Your data will always be there when you want it.
PDA software currently only supporting Palm OS, but a Pocket PC compile is expected by the end of summer '02.

The Home Brew Recipe Calculation Program

Do you drink beer? Do you make beer? Then rejoice and sing! for my software package, The Homebrewing Recipe Calculating Program is available. The software is available for download on the HBRCP Web Page. Thanks to all on The Home Brew Digest and rec.crafts.brewing for the information gleaned. Extra special thanks to the registered users of HBRCP! If you use and enjoy this program, support shareware programming and become a registered user by sending in your registation fee of $15. Cheap, considering everything else in this hobby is marked up 200%.

Coming soon! A complete set of homebrewing calculators for handheld devices utilizing the Palm OS.

        Filled with mingled cream and amber
        I will drain that glass again.
        Such hilarious visions clamber
        Through the chambers of my brain
        Quaintest thoughts, queerest fancies
        Come to life and fade away;
        Who cares how time advances?
        I am drinking ale today.

                          Edgar Allen Poe

The Beer Judge Certification Program

Want to become a certified beer judge? Check out The Beer Judge Certification Program's Homepage for details. The BJCP has defined a set of beer style guidelines. I have taken these guidelines and put them into several formats. The first is an application for the Palm OS that will allow you quick access to each style, a Foxprow 2.6 DBF format, and a Palm Pilot MEMO PAD export file. You can download these files if you wish:

Brewin' In The Boneyard

Click Here For The Evening Neon Homepage

See that neon sign in the picture? Pretty cool, huh? Want to know more about how you can get your very own custom neon made? Well don't hestitate, go to the Evening Neon Homepage for information about how you can have my wife, Eve, make one for you.

Building A Walk In Cold Room

Check out some pictures and text about the walk in cold room that I am building in my basement. This will be used for both fermenting and serving beer, with serving lines running upstairs to a tower in the kitchen. It's not yet complete, but on schedule to be finished before summer.

Music, and lots of it

That's what it's all about. I love it in all it's forms. I listen to WXPN, the best AAA station in the U.S.A. I've seen Ozzy four times, The Grateful Dead about ten, was too scared to see Public Enemy once, and have been to going to the Philadelphia Folk Fest since '91. My wife, Eve, might just love music more than me! Check out the links to Our Favorite Bands (not completed) if you have nothing better to do.


By day, I am a pervasive database programmer working for Integrated Distribution Solutions in Ft Washington Pa. Orange Habanero

Hot Peppers in the Garden

I love to put hot pepper sauce on whatever I might be currently eating. I have taken to making my own hot sauces from the peppers I grow in my garden. I am not one of those over-the-top chileheads who like to vaporize the taste buds in thier mouth. Instead, I prefer a nice gentle burn. I grow peppers that are rated "Hot", which is anything less then about 50,000 Scoville Heat Units. If you're interested, take a look at What's Hot In The Garden This Year.

A Home Brewed Recipe for Hot Sauce

Here is a recipe that I have made with my last two harvests of Cayenne Peppers. It is a nice hot sauce that I can apply very liberally. It also involves my other passion, homebrewing.
        Boneyard Barley Wine Hot Sauce

6 oz Home Brewed Barley Wine 6 oz White VinegarTabasco Red 30-40 Home Grown Cayenne Peppers 1 tsp Sea Salt

Roast the Cayenne Peppers in a 200F oven for 5-6 hours until dried. Combine Barley Wine and Vinegar in a sauce pan and heat to simmering. Allow to simmer for about 5 mins or until it no longer smells of alcohol. Put the dried peppers in a food processor or blender and add 1/2 of the beer/vinegar mixture. Process until a paste is formed, adding more of the beer/vinegar mixture as required to reach the consistancy of tomato sauce. Pour mixture through a wire mesh strainer to remove the larger pieces of skin and seeds and then pour into a bottle.

Use caution when making hot sauces. Always wash your hands before rubbing your eyes, playing with yourself, or getting frisky with the old lady (she'll appreciate it!).

Cool Hot Pepper Pages

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